Let’s quit monkeying around


More on animal testing and vivisection.


Corpses piled high – they were the wrong size

Corpses piled high in buckets because they’re the wrong size

“Piled high in buckets – the monkeys not needed for UK lab tests because they are the wrong size” horrific slaughter has been uncovered in an ­investigation by the British Union for the Abolition of ­Vivisection (BUAV) in the UK’s Mirror. There’s no graphic violence aside from the photo depicting the title and with prior warning in links on BUAV’s page, please visit it, please sign their petition and help their campaign.

It would be a crime to kill ‘people’ and pile them in a bucket because they’re the wrong morality but it’s not yet a crime to kill people because they’re the “wrong size” slave who would otherwise be tortured and die in some fraudulent tests that aren’t science! The issue is they are being bred for this.

It’s simply called business, all countries participate and anyone saying it is merely a legal precaution for a harmful industry will probably be censored. The Mirror censored a few comments too, some papers censor all of the ones with the viewpoint presented here or the other entry I linked. I’m speaking from months of experience.