From colonialism to cannibalism

Aside from every celebration truly being one of capitalism in our cultures, North Americans tend to wish each other a Happy-I-can-still-shove-colonialist-celebrations-in-everyone’s-face today, and their friends from other countries seem to follow the trend. In South Africa, facebook status updates in favour of Thanksgiving seem common, restaurants advertise special events (any excuse to kill a turkey and make more money?).

I have non-Native friends of colour in the US who don’t see it as a celebration, although family gatherings seem common but as a time for remembering as well as mourning. I’m not sure I’ll understand the pressure to have a vegan Thanksgiving, it’s still insensitive to their National Day of Mourning. It also seems to me that no turkey gets saved, spared or pardoned – whatever that means, unless a vegan hosts a meal for a bunch of pro-colonialist non-vegans maybe – could that convince them of having National Mourning Day instead, the following year? If the turkeys don’t all get taken to rescue sanctuaries, they’ll still be killed by the industries that breed them I assume?


Vegan turkey seems wrong because of speciesism and the prevailing mundane practices that normalise how it looks. I’ve never eaten corpse (a.k.a. meat) except by accident (the smell, taste and look was always repulsive to me) but I see this as worse than a roast in the shape of a baby or foetus. How would you react to a faux version of the latter as a meal’s centerpiece (I don’t speak carnist if this is the wrong word) if babies and foetuses were actually eaten?

It isn’t common to find except for real roasted human foetuses in certain cultures, a UK man was arrested this year for carrying some in his luggage. Brits seem to have a thing about human meat, although this corpse market did not have human meat.

I assume it was another mundane event, maybe with a few jokes, regardless of the fact that carnists are practically cannibals and vegetarians are their accomplice, harvesting the milk and uhm.. ova. I have Googled but not yet found reactions on whether this event put people off meat or if anyone actually went vegan after attending.

Meanwhile, there’s a growing amount of proof on how other species whose intelligence we collectively take for granted, have a lot to teach us on love, respect, friendship, or morality. The latest story involves a turkey.