Where do you get your hydrogen?

Where do you get your hydrogen?

..arguably the best response to ‘where do you get your proteins?’ I couldn’t post a 45min video summarising the China Study (the most comprehensive study done on human nutrition to date) as a ‘video’ on here recently, could be my internet speed, and there is also a series of short videos (less than 2min each) from the Forks Over Knives film, which I haven’t seen yet, I’m watching those later and will edit with a link.

Time is very scarce for me among other things, even to see DVDs which I don’t need to go rent or borrow.

One such example is a film in my DVD drive right now – part-entertainment, part-research and I’ve loaded it in about 5days ago and simply not had time to watch it. I bought this one 2nd-hand 3 months ago… I don’t mind being behind.

Why is there so much wrong with the world and society?!