Rape culture and ‘food’

“On our humane dairy farm, we humanely strap a cow into a “rape rack”, forcibly impregnate her and steal her babies,” says the humane farmer leaning on a cow.

Trigger Warning: US Republicans

The operative word above is ‘babies’, did the cow have a baby each time? Then she wasn’t raped…

“if it’s a legitimate rape, the female [cow] body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

..and I guess the bull wasn’t raped if they got any semen out of him…

Farmers and cow-owners also routinely ‘humanely’ kill some of the cow’s babies for veal, the others grow up to get raped (not rape-raped). Am I getting too bogged down in language?

This happens to be spot-on (thank-you, Vegina!!)