I would add that cows who are not given hormones (and antibiotics because they are over-milked and their teats are diseased – look up the monitoring of levels of pus and blood in milk) and goats, have hormone levels that a lactating mammal has, and which their baby processes differently. Beyond weaning age and puberty (!!!), any breast-feeding obviously affects hormone-levels in humans. Organic milk from “happy cows” carries risks too. Of course “happy” cows and goats had at least their male babies killed so there can be more for casomorphine-addicted humans. Cows have been genetically modified to produce more milk than they would and they are also given growth hormones.

The myth that we need milk is funding the medical industrial complex. I’m not selling you plant-milk, I even buy mine from businesses that sell meat and dairy currently, but no one got directly killed for it, no one got raped and no animals were bred and no crops were exported from Africa to feed European cattle while the same countries have people starving (if we still import from the EU) Even if Australia is big enough for growing all animal feed, it’s high time useless industries that are wasteful give back aboriginal land and give land back to wildlife. Other islands certainly shouldn’t be helping them exploit sentient beings for profit.

If you watch the documentary linked herein, you’d also learn that vit D in the milk is obtained from sheep, it is added to milk to counter the loss of calcium that milk consumption generally causes.

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