Vegan style YT vid

The ‘Gangnam style’ parody video I refer to is on Youtube. It seemed like a good enough publicity or a shareworthy vid up until a point

Ableist language is not only a put-off, it hurts people . Is it okay for a vegan to hurl ‘idiot’ as an insult when it isn’t okay for anyone? See the word profile I linked for all the contradictions therein. In addition, this is not a live video with an accidental insult usage, it entailed a script, planning, acting, shooting, editing and sadly most media these days seem to get made or organised by people who have, and don’t examine, their privileges. I will refer to Henya as the video links to her facebook page, Henya Mania.

Ironically, Henya’s answer about the plant sentience question in the video (where she calls the questioner ‘idiot’ to mean uninformed, then physically attacks him somewhat) is uninformed, thus a long and terribly boring debate is going on on Youtube, and either carnists are saying the same nonsense over and over, or there are bots with YT accounts.

The question on plant sentience is common but not at all reasonable, it’s as nonsensical as asking ‘why don’t you just kill yourself?’. Animals are sentient (including fish and anyone with a nervous system, clearly). Supposing we want to consider the sentient death toll of harvesting plants (land use, insect death, harm to small animals and waterways): all animals eat plants, the corpses that carnists chew on did, as do we (carnists included) – our digestive system has evolved for and requires sustainance in the form of cooked plant food. We can get everything from plants and bacteria, there is no synthetic zero-carbon footprint alternative. If we were allowed to rape and kill humans daily, would it be ethical to do it? Of course not and simply because it’s wrong. If we use the army as an analogy to speciesists and carnists, vegans are arguably like the tax-payers who have no choice but to pay tax to the government, like we all do.

Can homo-sapiens ever evolve to eat flesh or corpse? They sure can evolve to stop the nonsense.

Human digestive tracts have never adapted to eating meat even if we have ‘evolved’ doing that since the Flintstones, hence the abundance of health problems associated with corpse-eating. If we were allowed to rape and kill humans daily but this would affect our minds in the short or long run, can it ever be ethical to do so? Of course not and simply because it would be wrong towards others.

Like the film-makers (I was told – when someone arguing against what I’m saying said “If you’re so against oppression, why do you not consider that English is not their 1st language’), English is my 2nd language, I’ve only really been learning it in the last 10 years; to some extent online e.g. I got criticised for a slur I didn’t know was one. Meaning gets redefined by culture (seen that word profile I linked above?), media (in this case also by the film The Idiots/Idioten) and by people who use language (now via social media, their video , to some extent, but can we please avoid triggering and oppressive words in our anti-oppression movement? Somehow people don’t get this simple issue, I was told by someone defending the vid that “it’s meant to be fun” but can’t you both care and have fun? I won’t get bogged down in all the carnist-like fallacies vegans have dished out but how can the ‘vegan’ movement allow itself to be socially unaware and insensitive? If you think I’m over-generalising, more on  ableist language that does not bother a few 100 hardcore vegans, English-1st language speaking friends of mine too. I made a note earlier in the event’s ‘declines’ .

Do we simply not see ableism and ableist language in the way speciesists don’t see speciesism and speciesist language? If we can all see the latter, how can we refuse to pay attention to the former, or sexism and sexist language, racism and racist language? To prove a point the latter event organiser/s insulted me gratuitously and many people backed them up or encouraged them or whatever it means to ‘like’ a comment where someone insults another.