Creating accessible events and communities

Let’s be ants together

Feeling the Weight: Some Beginning Notes on Disability, Access and Love by Mia Mingus

Equality of the (3) sexes

Feminism, decolonising the history of

Rape Culture 101

Intersex 30-min Huffpost video introduction




Environmental justice

EHN’s Environmental Justice Series – Pollution, Poverty, People of color

A PoC on environmentalism

Origins of Earth Day and Environmental Justice


A short suggestion on when not to use the word intersectionality

A longer more nuanced one

Folks use ‘intersectional’ for other intersections but I must say I’ve seen too many vegans use it, even in conferential context and vegans who are white, racist cismen who claim to do anti-racist work.


Derailing for dummies

Fixed state allies – mere labels

An obvious example of misopedia I’d think, which is so widely accepted that we don’t see it

A bunch of links about human animal population in comments – shorter articles

The truth about pregnancy

The lowest difficulty setting there is (SWM)


The experience of a transgirl child related by gendermom


Understanding racism 101

Challenging racism and the problem with white allies.

Racism to white people as wind is to the sky


Vegan of color tumblr

Vegans of Color

Vindication of a vegan diet by Gerfried Ambrosch | MOMENTUM

Social Justice

Zines by POC

Free PDF books

Food facts

Is soy bad? Le soja


Intro to Veganic gardening

Regional orgs

Say No to Animal Experiments in Mauritius

Save our Monkeys Mauritius


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