Intersectionality gentrification

“Scholarship and organizing with emancipatory aims forges whole new spaces. When folks with relative privilege occupy this rhetorical space without engaging with those who created it and then seek to appropriate that space for their own advancement, it IS like gentrification.

This is why political education is so necessary. Terms like intersectionality, decolonization, and abolition have whole messy, beautiful histories you can learn about from SO many mediums. Many of us are privileged to be able to access this work – let’s not take that for granted.” Malone added.

And vegans are all the gentrifiers, there are various ‘intersectional’ groups about people (USians perhaps or is US centrism the ism we don’t see), out to get cookies. It’s not about the struggles of people virtually around them, it’s become a Panini book of a movement and shallow people collecting stickers. Although FIFA is the one who is racist etc, but I guess Panini upholds that federation. There are oppressions that do not affect X or Y vegans but because they partake in the little contest, they will enable Z to perform ally theatre because Z is fairly known. They do not care the least that Z is oppressing peoples twice, by getting a platform to do ally theatre and b) by talking utter shit. But they will publish people like Z, idk in so doing if their aim is that their publication led to a participation of Z in a conference and they’re all USian. Meanwhile bc that part of the world is privileged, they can easily have access to activists on the ground about the oppressions they want to be including but they’re for the easy way, the ally theatre. And it’s disgusting.


Earth day


Plastics are wrecking our oceans and nature (and human health too) but also fishing:

15-word blogposts are the future. But, seriously this is why I just don’t blog when I don’t have the time/energy. That is the worst possible photo perhaps minimising the impact of plastic waste on our oceans. As if we can see it, no and micro-plastics are even in sea salt. 2nd issue with this photo: white cotton, also pollutes to produce but hippies love it. Requires polluting detergents to maintain to, all in the name of ‘purity’, it’s colourism in truth. That 85 words took another 5 minutes. I’m having physical trouble typing though, more than it being a time issue. But yes humans use colourism in some form or another to bring ‘positive’ messages for the environment.

The sad passing of Mam’ Winnie

Hamba Kahle Mam’ Winnie (Nomzamo Zanyiwe) Madikizela(-Mandela) 😥 I haven’t had time for the blog since months, as readers may have noticed. I thought of writing since yesterday however. I have rather been rectifying things on social media or trying to bring some of her light that she left us in a bleak environment (Mauritius, where her daughter is the High Commissioner, but it remains bleak even in this profoundly sad moment, it will never learn to not mimic Western media) that hardly cares about her passing and does not see her for who she is, but also does not care, I realise. Even worse: is the documentary Winnie by French film-maker also blocked in this country as I cannot find it or see it on netflix (it’s here) with no disclaimer to explain why.

Let us set one thing straight, first, which has been part of her vilification in the media:

Madikizela-Mandela credits several other women for influencing her politically. Among these were Lilian Ngoyi, Florence Matomela, Frances Baard and Kate Molale, all leaders of the Federation.

For her, they were the “top of the ANC hierarchy” although at the time no women were in fact in any formal leadership positions in the ANC. The ANC only allowed women to become full members in 1943, and during the 1950s, women were locked in an intense battle for recognition within the movement.”

From her autobiography “When I was in detention for all those months, my two children nearly died. When I came out they were so lean; they had had such a hard time. They were covered in sores, malnutrition sores. And they wonder why I am like I am. And they have a nerve to say, ‘Oh Madiba is such a peaceful person, you know. We wonder how he had such a wife who is so violent?’ The leadership on Robben Island was never touched; the leadership on Robben Island had no idea what it was like to engage the enemy physically. The leadership was removed and cushioned behind prison walls; they had their three meals a day. In fact, ironically, we must thank the authorities for keeping our leadership alive; they were not tortured. They did not know what we were talking about and when we were reported to be so violent, engaged in the physical struggle, fighting the Boers underground, they did not understand because none of them had ever been subjected to that, not even Madiba himself—they never touched him, they would not have dared.”

And please refer to this fb timeline too instead or while I write a part 2