An informal call for zine submissions, on intersectionality, and to promote local and ethical living. Some may want to read the same in Mauritian creole.

Our facebook page has no 1 local follower who has wished to become involved in this proposal of collectively embracing a principle of striving towards the least harm possible. This was once a working proposal towards a vegan collective, Kolektif Vegan (Agalega Rodrig) Moris but screw vegans. I’m (vegan 14-20 yrs, 7+3 years of which I didn’t know other vegans or read resources which was, in my experience, a dangerous idea). I hoped to find others willing to start some form of sharing and learning together.

Organic cultivation and permaculture should be a given, the use of pesticides/ insecticides/ fertilisers that pollute the environment wage war not only against our human bodies, but it does, more so, against the wildlife that is trying to survive on the land we share (which was their land to begin with – colonisation around here started with Dodos and Solitaires going extinct). It seems institutions in Mauritius try blame wildlife issues solely on the monkeys (to profit off them in the name of pseudo-science and capitalism). It’s shocking that Mauritius imports live cattle and milk (both industries entail considerable mistreatment and are cruel in and of themselves) when there are coconut trees all over the island and seemingly no effort to make milk, oil or sugar from these plants that fare well in droughts and floods alike, all year. Coconut can also be saponified and local cruelty-free detergents could easily be made. We could at least import from the region rather than, as it is commonly done, import cruel detergents from UK, Europe or Australia.

This blog aims to deconstruct discourse/s that opress one and all, and to share – all in favour of building another world within this one, by starting in our lives and backyards, to put respect at the centre of our actions and words.

I hoped for collective organising that can operate using only social resources, community exchange and organising. I’ve seen that work before in doing activism on my own, broke; or in a group where we didn’t have any funds whatsoever. In 2008, I found personal donations from local non-vegans for pamphlets. Later I had documentaries and there were vegans but no one cared to borrow or screen it, although I was in contact with one who had his own venue with chairs. Yet he called me Don Quixote publicly and said/did worse things because I am very disabled and not out on the streets.

I see no hope having seen local socialisation and its impact on my broken body but if I could still hope, I would that we be more informed and organise towards a kinder world.

Feel free to comment anywhere, but any hate speech and derailing shall not be published.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. What an amazing project. I suppose it is also important to stress that veganism is not just a dietary change, but a lifestyle change that permeates every aspect of daily living.

    • Thank you, Emy, and for your input! You prompted me to adjust my definition to highlight vegans are animal allies. I love this term because allyship is a process where we forever learn from those with whom we ally, or at least from their experiences, for their sake.

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