Voices to prioritise

Fungai Chanetsa commented on social media(coupla days after the verdict for Philando Castille, I followed the news for the latter not the following: it seems there was apology to a family and over $1.2 million awarded for the murder of a bay retriever [dog]): “this is triggering for current and past reasons. I grew up in context where dogs owned by whites ate from the table while black employees ate food that even dogs would not eat, seeing black employees seating on an open truck cab in pouring rain while the dog was passenger. I actually cant stand dogs for that reason-reminds me too much of growing up in an apartheid state. And black people are murdered by police and not even an apology. Being black and living in this stressful context we have higher morbidity, and then they tell is we have preexisting conditions for just being alive. If they don’t shoot us, we die from all these chronic diseases.”

Whether you’re in Africa or a country like the U.S. if you’re listening, Black people keep reminding us of such things and their voices need to be prioritised.


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