Bequie and Beckier – with a flashback

When one is brown in my country and disabled like me, one may not see a white man in flesh. I haven’t in 4 years, and I know no cis het Mauritian ones online. Rather than of Sasha (Chad) and Becker (Brandon, beckier than Becky), I’ll talk about species in my environment: Bequie, Berianne, Doug, Don, Dona, Donalde, Harry, Tahir, Kitty, Dick, and John Lewis (miles away but even Black USian men love to find exotic spaces where they can help control or gaslight others). I forgot to name him years ago and my screenshots were going to waste, I had linked to them somewhere but it got taken down on social media.

Variations of Becky: Bequie is vegan[?] Bequie supports patriarchy and violence on WOC 101% and loves equestrian sports. Berriane is actually part-French, wasn’t raised here, was nicer than Mauritian Békis, wait I know no Békis, none has ever spoken to me in over 3 decades that I can speak 😀 and I wasn’t disabled for 2 of those. Berriane moved here and instantly learned the local ways and no longer speaks to [people of colour?]. It’s neo-apartheid here, unless they get out of resorts or gated bungalows for the sake of street animals, for employment or for business. Friendship is not profitable. Someone brown indicated to me that blood relations aren’t either.

Is it unfair to my Chinese friends-turned-acquaintances to file them under Doug? It’s fair to Don, who learns about one through traitors, to stab one in the back. He pretends he was helping you, shouts out loud the details of your disability (my private matter) but stabs you while diverting the crowd’s attention. Then he sends many long-ass PMs that I will never read. And Sancha on your list never gave a hint of being his wife!

Dona (aka Shrub, who is named Don irl, but let’s not confuse readers) is like Bequie except Bequie has power and Dona, idk. Is that why women like Donalde shun women like Dona if they do not get married within the Chinese community? It has been that way, remains applicable (if one didn’t marry a white man or extremely rich one). On the surface, Donalde seems progressive, successful and nice but Donalde is, in fact, a nazi. Do Tiger mom-fails become nazis? idk but acts nazi, yells at nice people, yells at disabled people and threatens them instead of bragging/stomping. Wait, she brags to someone who needs a wheelchair that her older parent needs neither chair nor cane. Ok o_0

Donalde hardly has any regard for anyone and wants disabled people dead if they look ugly (am I ugly? :/). She raises sons like Doug, who has no regard for anyone, all money and zero consideration. For people, animals, birbs and insects. I may be using the worst example (and I mean to generalise for the elite capitalists) but Don was a pathetic example of that (he is very ableist) and many Chinese friends outgrew our friendships or got too ableist. Aside from Don, no one has a business, but they inherited a lot of capital from their parents’ business. I can’t be bothered if it’s a vegan business. I still have non-ableist Chinese friends but they have no Chinese relis left among friends due to unspoken prejudices. Similarly, I hardly have relatives as friends myself, due to ableism. This is a small island, bear in mind.

Back to vegans, I can’t stand Tahir who has been sexist etc., took the time to insult me viciously in PM but one of my rare vegan friends takes so much pity on him (he’s probably vegan) that we can get into arguments over my can’t-standing Tahir.  Tahir isn’t easy to block – every so often, he pops up with a new fb profile. He probably shows a new side of him to new people he meets? He seemed to have changed religion/sympathies, but on his new profile, he has posts making fun of Christianity (or I’m overeading?).

Dick (name abbreviation) was a comparable virulent sexist, but with a fixed persona. Catty was smitten with him and was a dickhead herself – one doesn’t get so smitten as to make threats. Dick doesn’t feature below, only vegans do. Moving on to Harry Pillay and John (Harry later deleted my comments repeatedly and I went from admin to banned overnight, secretly, without a word from any admin or commenter):

bwvkatboom wp

[screenshots are temporarily removed as they contained my name & face all these years]


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