USian Women’s March
And I saw a post about the shallowness of intersectionality because some were upset at vegan signs at the march (somewhere). This was already White Feminism Inc., do not realise that and add veganism to it, brilliant.

Fuck vegans, seriously, unless you’re a regular reader [you’re all geographically far]. No vegan I know, have met, or am friends with actually reads here. They only use me, want me to admin their groups and teach them to be intersectional or help them along like they are little puppies. They think my brain isn’t sharp enough to figure out they’re trying to use me, yet theirs can’t debate me. Mauritians would be like ‘I can’t debate, I’m more of a science person’. Science, that thing that needs logic and they have none. Please, take this personally if you’re a Mauritian reading this. In all likelihood, your friend or you’ve made a hundred dozen ad-hominems and broadcast private details about my disabilities while doing so. Then there are hyperacademic wankers I can’t debate with, elsewhere. I’m about using plain language and lived experience, not wankery and white dudes I have never read.

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