Ramadan recipes and more

I see a few gluten free recipes here by One Arab Vegan. I may have eaten mathrooba with soy mince only, only here we call everything that looks like this chutney or I may have eaten it in Capetown, I ate a Muslim friend’s mother’s vegan cooking many times without knowing the names of the dishes. Here, often we don’t know what region it’s from. Our Mauritian biryani is defo Muslim Indians/Pakistanis. There’s vermicelli basbousa too – it’s what I’d get from neighbours for Eid, before I went vegan and gluten-free, sugar-free, etc. During Ramadan, Bhai Dado often brought me the bestest naan ever while he’d have bought some for his family before Iftaar.

Ramadan had been a time to look forward to when I was young, stranger to the faith, without fasting, while I could still eat gluten and sugar. I guess it was mostly for the naan, they made their special one during Ramadan. I have never tried making naan.

Illness or allergies became a polite way to refuse food. Nothing consequential in my case (outside my culture) but see the post on Muslims with eating disorders.

There are recommendations at the bottom of One Arab Vegan’s page on fasting for Ramadan, staying hydrated, and fighting social stigma.

What it’s like recovering from an eating disorder during Ramadan

On Ramadan Muslims

If you are not Muslim and clueless on etiquette.

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