New food products – Mauritius

Firstly, happy Moon Festival to Chinese followers! Looking for vegan mooncake recipes, I came across a mooncake recipe on Vata Vegan, this made me wonder again if autumn festive recipes shouldn’t be adapted radically, here the weather is warming up a lot. And now for some vegan capitalism. I saw 2 Naturata vegan products at Quartier Gourmet. If it’s not online & none of you here tell me about it, I won’t know – I no longer shop physically!

Photo showing tubes of ‘Vegane’ mayo & remoulade posted on the QG facebook page.

So what else is there aside from that, gluten-free stuff, sugar-free jams, cold-pressed oils & & herbal infusions/tinctures? Don’t expect vegan advice there though, they think vegans struggle to find protein!!