Vegan-washing and the manipulation of morality

Edit: Kristofer Aberg commented to link to his response article. I was kind to mention his response that misses the point and furthermore spells the author’s name wrong. NB I did not bring up his article but since it has been mentioned:

How can one respond to an author, use their surname many times and get it wrong in the first word of a paragraph?! I won’t link to it/ approve his linkspam comments. I haven’t read the entirety, it seems careless and it’s long (with random anecdotes instead of facts or analysis). Aberg argues against pinkwashing as real with a vague Swedish joke or quote of a gay comedian, so I can only conclude he has never researched pinkwashing. Folks, please don’t write about intersectionality when you are not intersectional then come here trying to publish your link in some comments, force me to read your crap, then whine that you’re a leftie so you can cry wolf.

It seems Aberg covered vegan places in Israel and did not hear of anti-occupation Israelis. One doesn’t have to even go there or listen to the Palestinian side to learn about the Israeli apartheid and its atrocities.

I’m not even going to mention radical groups, a famous Israeli architect travelled to my very white & Jewish university to give a presentation on the occupation to us architecture students. Perhaps I was lucky to have been exposed to such people – anti-zionist Jews. I want to recommend a documentary, again nothing radical, mainstream journalists were present at a peaceful protest and documented the attacks by Israeli army (with complete knowledge that Caucasian film-makers are with the protesters) on civilians, including wheelchair users. I’m searching for the title. I don’t even recall the year I saw it, I recall only some faces and scenes but it was shown at the cinemas.

And I don’t know what conspiracy theories he’s talking about, everyone knows Judaism is not Zionism, right?

Presumably it’s this Aberg with a similar history to Yourofsky. We would expect these guys to be against the prison industrial complex perhaps but they’re applauding military IDF for providing pleather options in a violent occupation. If we notice cognitive dissonance, why not here? We’re all uninformed about something or the other, I googled critics of Yourofsky’s glorification of rape as punishment and found sensible-seeming people quoting Gandhi, who was worse than Yourofsky and anti-semitic. I will never quote either of them, I will criticise anyone for praising Gandhi.


4 thoughts on “Vegan-washing and the manipulation of morality

  1. Hi! My spelling of her name is exactly the same as Turkey Agenda writes. If they have got it wrong, they are probably glad if you send them an e-mail and explain this. I’m Swedish, and have been active in left wing groups my whole adult life. Then you hardly miss propalestinian arguments or to hear about the effects of the politics of especially Israeli right wing parties in the West Bank. It is possible to critizise this, without demonizing Israelis in general or coming up with new conspiracy theories about Jews or Israelis.

    PS. Too bad you don’t believe in free speech here on your blog.

    • Kristofer, I do not work as your editor or publicist. There was at least one wrong spelling, as I said, starting a paragraph.

      I have to ask, based on your behaviour here, do you have a problem with people of colour?

      Your PS is a personal attack on me FOR USING MY BLOG FOR MY FREE SPEECH, COMPLETELY out of place AND misrepresenting what I say. It FORCES ME TO SIT HERE AND TYPE -IN PAIN- TO RESPOND TO YOUR RUBBISH. I liked to one article, why don’t you ask Turkey Agenda to make pop-ups to link it to yours. AGAIN I do not work as your publicist, nor am I Zionism’s or IDF’s bitch to go along with what you’re trying to do.

  2. If you would have read my article, you would have found out what conspiracy theory I mentioned. It is the theory that the Israeli state is somehow behind the vegan boom in Israel.

    My quote from the comedian wasn’t about the pink washing theory. It was in another paragraph about stereotyping people you don’t know very much about. If you continue reading my article, you will find the proper arguments further down.

    Sad to see that you are also using master suppression techniques, such as mockery when calling an explanation of your background “whining”. Maybe you don’t know what Sweden is like? Sweden was one of the first new countries to recently recognize Palestine. Left wing groups in my old city Jonkoping sold t-shirts saying “Burn Israel Burn” – so as I already explained I know about the propalestine arguments. Though I am for a two state solution, and then I don’t think you can be anti-Israel as some people tend to be.

    Regarding your question: Why do you insinuate something like that? What is the “behaviour” and “rubbish” you are mentioning? I just think it’s fare that if someone posts one view, that another view can also be heard. That’s what blog comments are for. I don’t know what sex or sexuality etc you identify with, so that hasn’t affected what I’ve written. I saw this as a pretty anonymous blog writing partly about veganism. And – of course I don’t have that kind of problem.

    Regarding IDF, I haven’t mentioned at all what I think about them, so it feels kind of unnecessary to call someone a bitch (what happened to the intersectionalism?). Regarding Zionism, if you would study what new antisemitism is about, you would see that a lot of antisemitism is now disguised as antizionism. Try for instance to do the 3D test of antisemitism on the original article. You can find info on Wikipedia about it (since you seem to think that pasting a relevant link is spam behaviour). (If I pasted the link twice, that was just a technical error, so sorry for that.)

    • This has been read 15 times since I approved your comment instantly (you can’t be bothered to use a single email to comment, and you may add to the accusations if I delayed) and I had neither time nor physical ability to reply. We have no way of measuring how this hurts me/SJ/animals linked to me. So I either hurt myself physically (reply) or hurt the work I do by leaving your BS unreplied. But fuck me, right? You’re solidifying your behaviour I already pointed out. That too without taking back your PS, nor apologising. Derailing is not allowed here, did you see the about? I shouldn’t have approved any comment of yours but this is the internet and I too make exceptions.

      It is not like you happened to approach me/ the exact same post on my facebook through our 2 mutual friends and commented. You seek out my blog and insist that it must be another platform to air your white vegan views. Keep insisting that I read your long article (failing which keep hurling insults at me so that I feel I must read it ASAP) that seems less and less relevant. I did say that I skimmed it before noting down my impressions. Instead of advertising your article here bc Turkey Agenda failed to and it’s my problem, like everything in this world. I need to give you a platform and become an expert in the sub-politics of every white dominated country in the world. I did not speak about Sweden, and yes I don’t know and I’m not saying it’s uninteresting but it seems irrelevant to the points she made.

      Below the title of my blog, the central tab says ‘decolonise’. You don’t have to read it but you know what it means. But fuck that, my time has to be dedicated to you and every length of crap you want to write.

      When you don’t get sarcasm, perhaps don’t engage with certain people, but certainly do not dare police my language here, in my space. You’re a white vegan male who seems uninformed besides needing basic sensitivity training, policing a vegan of colour’s language. Great! (sarcasm)

      I merely called a certain projection of myself a bitch, if I would shut up and suck up to people like you. If you can type this much, you could’ve put your counter-arguments concisely instead of advertising your article here.

      BTW I can edit your comments but I don’t do it, for anyone ever. And if you haven’t guessed, we’re not talking about your counterpoints in your article – you’ve been making ad-hominems at me since your 1st published comment and I called you out already in my above comment.

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