Vegan-washing and the manipulation of morality

Edit: Kristofer Aberg commented to link to his response article. I was kind to mention his response that misses the point and furthermore spells the author’s name wrong. NB I did not bring up his article but since it has been mentioned:

How can one respond to an author, use their surname many times and get it wrong in the first word of a paragraph?! I won’t link to it/ approve his linkspam comments. I haven’t read the entirety, it seems careless and it’s long (with random anecdotes instead of facts or analysis). Aberg argues against pinkwashing as real with a vague Swedish joke or quote of a gay comedian, so I can only conclude he has never researched pinkwashing. Folks, please don’t write about intersectionality when you are not intersectional then come here trying to publish your link in some comments, force me to read your crap, then whine that you’re a leftie so you can cry wolf.

It seems Aberg covered vegan places in Israel and did not hear of anti-occupation Israelis. One doesn’t have to even go there or listen to the Palestinian side to learn about the Israeli apartheid and its atrocities.

I’m not even going to mention radical groups, a famous Israeli architect travelled to my very white & Jewish university to give a presentation on the occupation to us architecture students. Perhaps I was lucky to have been exposed to such people – anti-zionist Jews. I want to recommend a documentary, again nothing radical, mainstream journalists were present at a peaceful protest and documented the attacks by Israeli army (with complete knowledge that Caucasian film-makers are with the protesters) on civilians, including wheelchair users. I’m searching for the title. I don’t even recall the year I saw it, I recall only some faces and scenes but it was shown at the cinemas.

And I don’t know what conspiracy theories he’s talking about, everyone knows Judaism is not Zionism, right?

Presumably it’s this Aberg with a similar history to Yourofsky. We would expect these guys to be against the prison industrial complex perhaps but they’re applauding military IDF for providing pleather options in a violent occupation. If we notice cognitive dissonance, why not here? We’re all uninformed about something or the other, I googled critics of Yourofsky’s glorification of rape as punishment and found sensible-seeming people quoting Gandhi, who was worse than Yourofsky and anti-semitic. I will never quote either of them, I will criticise anyone for praising Gandhi.


Ghosts in Our Machine free viewing

The Ghosts in Our Machine is free to watch online for the rest of tonight/today, for those of you who are yet to see it. You only need to fill in a coupla MCQs for a survey that resumes mid-Jan. I don’t have the best equipment and my speed is decent. It downloaded super fast and is pausing and resuming smoothly, I’ll try watch it tomorrow.

The doccie follows Jo-Anne McArthur’s experience documenting a war as she aptly calls it, on fur farms, breeding farms, labs, streets and sanctuaries. 1 hour in, it still seems suitable for grown children, unlike many other AR doccies arguably. Unlike the others it perhaps provides some insight into some AR activists’ (and war journalists’) mental condition through her PTSD which, ok, is only mentioned.

I’ve been busy, it’s too hot for many applications on my PC and there’s more violence around me than usual so I wondered if I can handle watching it. I saw most of it now and must say it seems very worth watching.


About Ron and what McArthur says (that he was forgiving of humans), I’d rather believe that animals like Ron sees us as individuals and can thus learn to trust new humans and may recognise abusers if they were to see the same ones (even crows keep scores and memorise human faces, after all). This too we need to learn from animals.