Men and mice trauma

So human sex (NYT reporter says gender but probably means cismen) has become triggering for mice and rats subject to torture. Trauma is physiological and for all animals, obviously. From Shakesville

[CN: Animal testing] A new study has found that lab rats and mice “experience more stress in the presence of men than of women. Rodents left alone in a room with a man, or presented with a T-shirt worn by a man, had a sharp spike in the stress hormone corticosterone. And because the hormone acts as an analgesic, they also showed less response to pain. The rodents showed no such reaction to women; they were also less stressed when given a woman’s shirt together with a man’s. The amount of stress felt by the rodents was ‘massive,’ said Jeffrey Mogil, a psychologist at McGill University and an author of the study.”

WTF is the point of such a test, really??! To get more funds to pay the female chaperone (that’s the conclusion of the study, all their results have been biased so enter female chaperones)? A reminder that some of their funds may be your taxes and that either way funds could go to actually helpful research. Unhelpful research also do the real tests on underprivileged populations when healthcare introduces the products on humans (the first test subjects of our species). Whatever is done to mice or animals is not science or research it’s pure rubbish… why not quit testing on animals NOW instead of new tests that say ok we admit to bad results but here’s some more rubbish so we can continue waste funds and give false hopes to ill people?!

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