The Veil of Naivety: Religion & Misogyny

I’ll just add that I am not against wearing hijab, niqab, burqa etc. Some garments are seen as cultural while these are labelled religious. That wearing something (women not being allowed to wear pants in other christian countries) is legally or societally enforced is a different matter.

The Fire Breathing Feminist

The fact that Salman Rushdie and MF Hussain were threatened by mobs of religious bigots for what were works of literature and art respectively, and that Asaram Bapu was defended from the law by similar mobs, for being a predatory paedophile, might be an absurd, yet amusing paradox to some. But to me, it is a manifestation of everything that’s wrong with the way society perceives religion.


Religious misogyny is a kind that has been particularly hard to call out and address, for multiple reasons. Firstly, it is because religious texts can be dissected, re-interpreted, misinterpreted, and completely bastardised to suit the message of the hour. Euphemisms like ‘family values’ allow religious organisations to tread the fine line between enshrining heteronormative and sexist gender roles in society on the one hand and claiming just to be innocuously prescriptive in the face of criticism on the other hand. Interpretive flexibility allows…

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