Day of Mourning for Murdered Disabled people

March 1, worldwide day of mourning for disabled people murdered by caregivers. There is an online vigil beginning at 3:00 PM EST. I usually use GMT but I’ll leave the conversion to you, due to limited interweb today.

Disabled people have lives already strictly confined and limited by institutions and society; our voices are perpetually erased and forgotten. Let us not forget those whose lives have been ended brutally, may their stories live on.

For the online vigil:

For a list of public vigils:

Relatedly, I have started (I’ve a private invite-only one, not sure if it will be the same) or am starting a new personal blog following the high levels of apathy around extremely disabling circumstances in which I have been living – because of close ones for the first time ever, at 32, I have to be concerned about my health in the context of life expectancy. I recently moved to a place where I probably have no friend solely because of my nationality. The blog will be a testimony that disablism too can kill. Every little bit may well count, and it adds up. I’ll probably not mention it further. I’ll put a contact detail up (though isn’t my facebook email straightforward?) and interested readers can ask me about it.

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