The Killing of Marius the Giraffe Was Easily Avoidable

Dylan Powell


The internet is lighting up with outrage today upon news that the Copenhagen Zoo – a member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums  (WAZA) – have publicly staged the killing, dissection and lion feeding of a young giraffe named Marius which they had declared “surplus.” The 18 month old giraffe was approaching maturity and the Zoo claimed that he was excess as his breeding would have complicated blood lines at the zoo.

Within a short period of time a petition circulated with over 25,000 signatures, international media coverage erupted and there are reports of last ditch efforts by other zoos to offer re location. Other simple options – like neutering Marius – were deemed “inhumane” by the Copenhagen Zoo who in that situation would have had to feed and shelter an animal that could not grow their “stock.”

News of Marius’s death travelled fast via social media with…

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2 thoughts on “The Killing of Marius the Giraffe Was Easily Avoidable

  1. I was certainly one of those outraged people!! This is an extreme example of how humans think they have the right to treat non-human animals in whatever way they choose – like needlessly killing them. There were offers to take Marius to other places. I hope there will be repercussions for the sub-human who made this decision.

    • Ja :/ I hope it makes people realise they should not be supporting zoos and also how many other animals are killed as needlessly every second by humans. Even cats and dogs – killing them but not sterilising them is justified by a thousand bogus ‘arguments’.

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