Veganism on mainstream TV?

How the media has changed since 1976. They might show Banksy’s meat truck at the end of the news briefly but I can’t imagine the BBC doing a similar unbiased programme these days. They could feature althletes like Britain’s own Fiona Oakes (North Pole Marathon female winner this year, among other victories – if per chance you saw her on the news or sports channel, I bet no one mentioned the V word), poet Benjamin Zephaniah, maybe half of Black Sabbath (or at least Geezer Butler, long-term vegan) or Carcass. Anyway the Vegan Society UK made a half hour DVD, also available freely for online viewing, featuring some famous vegans. I’m trying to think of public figures who are actually vegan as opposed to ex-vegan Chelsea Clinton or GMO moghul Bill Gates. Been thinking a lot about the four estates and the way they control public perception after a skype talk I gave. I had to throw in some well-known names although I don’t like the approach.

Anyway here’s the Banksy vid if you missed it, against factory farming and little to do with veganism perhaps.

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