Serena Williams sure gets enough calcium

PBS’s image of an elated Serena Williams jumping, celebrating her 19th Grand Slam title.

At an age when other players are apparently heading for or towards retirement from tennis, Williams won the AUS Open (yay!) – perhaps thanks to a vegan diet? The sports media would not likely mention it, they’d rather encourage sexism [aside from the predicatable personality cult of male tennis players and people not caring much about female players… as in every sport, right?] – is Nadal’s success ever attributed to his girlfriend?

Many sportspersons’ successes are co-attributed to their coaches to some extent but all good teams and players have good coaches. I noted excessive attribution to Serena’s boyfriend coach while googling about her. Aanyway…

John Salley had mentioned Serena’s diet change, the former NBA player advocates for a vegan diet… There was also a video interview of her somewhere. (March 2014 update she tweeted @JugoFresh – raw vegan stuff ; Jan 2015 update There’s an article on Venus’ diet)

Other notable vegan sportspeople include Carl Lewis, Fiona Oakes, lifelong-vegan professional basketball player Milani Malik, vegan philosopher and wheelchair basketball player Sarah Stewart and boxer Omowale Adewale.

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