When Your (Brown) Body is a (White) Wonderland

Well articulated, a must-read whether or not one has seen the VMA or the part this refers to.
“No, it’s not Syria but it is still worth commenting upon when in the pop culture circus the white woman is the ringleader and the women who look like you are the dancing elephants.”

“On another note, I’m so sick of the faux bisexual antics. Straight women need to stop doing things to women only to arouse men.” a commenter pointed out.

There were many things wrong with the last Miley Cyrus crap, not seen it myself (slow web here and not a follower of mainstream crap (like who’s Thicke?! at least I’ve come across Hannah Montana crap while in grocery store queues perhaps), and in a distant part of the globe though extremely polluted by mainstream american culture) but I’m so utterly disgusted by what I’ve heard of this, and disgusted at the thought Cyrus will probably not apologize and she will still be popular, no worshipped by ignorant people. Also puzzled by memes (Cyrus juxtaposed with Syrian war) I have seen going around, among radical friends, wondering how some are completely oblivious to what was the issue with Cyrus’ performance… we’re in Africa FFS! Or do we post memes mindlessly and without knowing what it’s saying these days..?


This may meander.

Miley Cyrus made news this week with a carnival-like stage performance at the MTV Video Music Awards that included life-size teddy bears, flesh-colored underwear, and plenty of quivering brown buttocks. Almost immediately after the performance many black women challenged Cyrus’ appropriation of black dance (“twerking”). Many white feminists defended Cyrus’ right to be a sexual woman without being slut-shamed. Yet many others wondered why Cyrus’ sad attempt at twerking was news when the U.S. is planning military action in Syria.

I immediately thought of a summer I spent at UNC Chapel Hill. My partner at the time fancied himself a revolutionary born too late for all the good protests. At a Franklin Street pub one night we were the only black couple at a happy hour. It is one of those college places where concoctions of the bar’s finest bottom shelf liquor is served in huge fishbowls…

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Extended Call for Papers for Sistah Vegan Conference: LGBTQ Analysis in Veganism

Sistah Vegan


We are having our first annual Sistah Vegan Conference this fall, on September 14, 2013. Registration is available now Anyone can register as an audience member . One need not identify as a girl/woman/womyn/trans vegan of color to participate. This is open to all.  It will be an online interactive conference (view tentative speaker line-up here), through the service of Anymeeting.com.  This means presenters can use webcams, audio, and PowerPoint which will be fully experienced by the audience. At the end of each talk, audience members will be able to engage in Q&A with the presenter. The entire conference talks will be video recorded and accessible after the event, to ensure that this valuable information will not be lost; it also ensures that those with internet access who could not attend will be able to access this information.

Right now we are still specifically looking for critical perspectives…

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