Racism is to white people as wind is to the sky

White Africans, it seems to make no difference what country we’re living in, what year/event we’re talking about or whether there is a white minority or majority, it’s the same shit all over and whether my friends have been primarily white or BIPOCs (black, indigenous and people of colour). White folks should read this and part 2 thereof.

A blog by Sunny Drake

imageDear White people,

It’s not enough to simply know that racism exists, that we live in a racist world. In the outpourings of grief and anger about the Zimmerman verdict, I’m asking myself and other white people: how are we reflecting on and actively transforming our own personal racism? And our collective racism? This is not about hating ourselves, it’s about loving ourselves so much that we commit to transforming ourselves and our communities. Because white people: we are ALL racist. It is impossible to have grown up in a white supremacy and not have taken on racist beliefs and actions. And before you defensively cite the number of friends of colour you have, please remember that sometimes these beliefs and actions are incredibly sneaky – they are designed by white supremacy to look normal and natural. As white people, sometimes we can find them difficult to spot – yet…

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