My US-based queer friends were mostly using the Against Equality sign (as below but red and pink) which I haven’t read about much (aside from what folks were discussing online and links posted on the other blog/on Ovnivores). I also shared Black Girl Dangerous’) on facebook and the blog post this links to leaves me wondering what the HRC’s position on GMOs are. Let’s not believe evertything we read but this and on the matter (Google is your friend, much more than it is mine with the internet speed I have lately 🙂 ) should ease your doubts. Does one have to stress on the fact that gay marriage shouldn’t even be an issue one has to debate in 2013? – that institutions act as if we’re in 13 CE is instead the issue.

The Against Equality sign would have been a good one to veganise perhaps but I’m wondering whether it’d be appropriation. Since I am an ally to animals and to queers of all feathers, maybe it isn’t, but is it fair to use certain platforms to try further the vegan cause? The AE campaign may not be well publicised, I’d think from an African perspective – would it be fine if I were boosting awareness around queer issues in vegan communities? As for the HRC logo, what does it mean when big businesses had capitalised on the pink-red equal sign, using bacon or their logos, to capitalise on the campaign for veganism?

Emily C. Heath

521352_10100262115894488_1545846164_nLast week many of my friends changed their profile pictures on Facebook. I did too. With the Supreme Court’s hearing of two cases related to marriage equality, Facebook went red in support of the end of DOMA and Prop 8.

My profile picture was red. But, it wasn’t the red equal sign. And as I watched friends from high school, college, and the church world change theirs to the red equal sign, I felt deeply conflicted.

I certainly support marriage equality. My wife and I married last fall, so DOMA directly affects us. But I don’t support the Human Rights Campaign, the organization that was behind the red equal signs. Most who changed their profile pictures didn’t know that they were advertising for any particular organization. They just thought that they were supporting equality, which is indeed noble. But the reality is that with every change of a profile picture…

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  1. I happen to be the originator of the sideways V banner. It’s actually a slap at the “equal” sign of HRC; in this case I meant to indicate “greater than.”

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