Resonance – ecology, disability and access

A note for those who read this recently: links updated Nov ’13.

Do you care about the bees, the birds and perhaps about humans? Here’s a film (88min41, no captions or subtitles yet) that may interest you:

RESONANCE – BEINGS OF FREQUENCY from james russell on Vimeo.

Also on youtube if the embed doesn’t work or in James Russell’s group where you’ll see the documentary link along with the trailer and another film, the description and the facebook page link are provided.

There is a recent article (I recommend pages 8-10 in particular) and this blog post is short and to the point. I’ll use the word Electromagnetic Intolerance (EI) too, not interchangeably. With EI the access document linked below may not even apply but I wonder if it may to an EI sufferer with special clothing*.

Thinking about accessibility is not that controversial but Making Events More Accessible for People with EMS would be met with much resistance. This entry has a coupla worthwhile points and links but I’m looking for resources like what scientists elaborate on in Resonance which I find more compelling – such as a German study mentioned in a CBS insert concluding that EMFs are co-carcinogenic, in other words, like a stressor or a catalyst, e.g. scientists interviewed in Resonance explain a melatonin-inhibiting mechanism. Medical science is not expected to be hard science, except in this case seemingly.

One can’t imagine there will ever be a time EMFs are seen like tobacco smoke and regulations or negotiations made around their use? Non-corporate research suggests it would be long overdue and for some it’ll be too late. Forget convenience, leisure and work, picture not being able to get an ambulance and go to a hospital for treatment because one’s health would deteriorate more just by going there.

Thus far, only Sweden is providing accomodations for EI sufferers, which they recognise as disabled and a French political candidate is advocating for a zone such as ‘refugee camps‘ being set up around the world. There is a fiction film which I’m yet to see on the topic.

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