Power, structure and agency. Systematic oppression.

A kitteh and her friends think about structure, power and agency. 26 minutes, all ages. It starts with text in graphic form but it’s accessible to those who use only sight or only hearing. It made me smile at the end, reminiscing my‘s description, but in fairness, I shall think it through collectively.

I don’t think the following 2:46s video, on a related theme, has another version with voice instead of text. DYUSA’s point is indeed to challenge hearing privilege. Click on CC if you don’t know ASL.

If there happens to be deaf readers from Mauritius or who are interested in this issue: The recent vids on the CT Power protests have not been transcripted as far as I’m aware and while I summed up some of Jeff’s words in my last entry, I’ve been planning to ask Jeff or other activists to put closed captions because the revolution includes you. The press coverage has been seemingly dismal and deaf folks would’ve had to rely on the little good reporting or commentary and social-media to know what’s really going on.

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