Violence in 2012 – Sandy Hook tragedy

This country was founded on the killing of innocent children, particularly black, brown and red. Right now, U.S. drones are killing innocent children in the Middle East. What happened today in Connecticut is terrible and heartbreaking. But in the midst of all the usual media jibberish [sic] about monsters toting guns, let’s remember that violence against children is perpetuated at every level of American existence, every day. We only get outraged when the children look like the babies who died today.

Black Girl Dangerous posted this as their FB status the day of the Sandy Hook tragedy and aside from this and this, I’m yet to see a relevant analysis or opinion piece. Detraction and the blame-game have overshadowed all else in the media.

With all that’s been said about mental illnesses (at least autism has a valuable campaign going on), the above needs to be repeated as long as journalists keep trying to sell fiction and scandal. Different people with the same mental illness can’t be lumped together as the media, alternative media and some bloggers would have us think. The different levels of violence I have experienced from men with mental illness (the most surprising being a friend who was once a great guy and a staunch ally to vegan feminists) – to what extent do they simply internalise societal violence because they have that habit? None of those men were underprivileged aside from mental illness, in fact quite the contrary, and in my view, the fact that they were used to a exert a certain amount of control was the problem.

In my experience, I don’t judge men with detectable or diagnosed mental illness (in the case of friends) as more dangerous than those without, but I do find men with privilege to deliberately harm more (and if they gladly abuse or oppress people, that is psychopathy?). I would beware of someone who know they’ll get away with committing harm.

Focusing on the issue and Jon Rappoport’s analysis, just what can be said about societies that don’t think or ask questions? Just how much hope is left in 2013? Why are we still trusting problematic institutions with schooling, feeding, and safeguarding children we allegedly love, in a profoundly flawed society?

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