Women as meat, literally…

I wrote this before I heard of Jyoti Singh’s (Delhi gang-rape victim) passing. After a most draining debate on a forum, I’m unable to discuss her painful story for now and you’ll find current analysis elsewhere (one under my ‘likes’ on the right).

I stumbled upon the following and thought I’d begin by addressing this extreme of the kyriarchy. The context can be found in this less graphic and somewhat different description  with more general information (I’m not sure it’s less graphic but the photos are linked not embedded and one can skip graphic descriptions) or this video with strong bias (I recall picking up in a single VICE article I had to read, racism, misogyny and the strangest views on homosexual sex*) – the above is not sexually explicit but maybe I should maybe add a TRIGGER WARNING for unusual criminality, talk of violence, some references to sex and pornography/rape culture. One can also read the following without context:

There is no mention of what sex education the idolized (bragging murderer turned pornstar) protagonist had initially although in the video, he complained that his parents didn’t speak about sex. Now that’s the case of every Asian probably, especially of that generation, and does it make for higher incidences of rapists, perverts (bar those who consume mainstream porn) or cannibals? He had access to the culture of sexualisation of foreign women (western pornography?), zoophilic experiences (he admits in video) and he comes from a wealthy family. Going by Murderpedia, this means from early in his youth that everything is permitted and he’s likely to get away with murder. In a recent survey on US campuses, 35% admitted they would rape someone if they can get away with it. In the interview, Sagawa says he was charged with attempted rape and never confessed to have cannibalistic urges before he left Japan to attend the Sorbonne. After he killed, raped and ate parts of Renee, who’s worth to him seemed only increased in death**, he seems to still have no regret – the only indication, if any, is that he was allegedly relieved to have been arrested temporarily.

To add insult to loss of life, he only served 2 years in prison in France and he has been free ever since he was deported to Japan. He got paid a lot for interviews (!) and draws cannibalist-inspired hentai for a Lolita manga (which shouldn’t even exist, to not encourage the sexualisation of young girls and the porn/rape/cannibalistic culture around them) and nude portraits. He doesn’t seem to have difficulties getting visas to travel the world with young attractive women who don’t know his past, and allegedly still talk to him after they find out. He stars in porn and the one where he described the cannibalistic murder in details to the porn actress had very high sale figures. He claims sex has kept his cannibalistic urges at bay but that now he’s impotent and wants to be murdered.

On the theory of “sex” as crime prevention:

I can’t seem to make video start at 38min39s (hyperlink) and embed it so it seems to have the whole episode embedded.

Cannibalism in his case is a sexual fetish or a necrophiliac rape and eating fetish which I’m not sure can be linked to sex. It can however be linked to rape culture which equates sex with domination over the objects that are women, and to porn culture which assimilates the latter and glorifies Issei Sagawa as the above video does.

I can’t copy paste from, or link specifically to What Makes Them Do It on Murderpedia but I’d like to comment further on the parallel between Omophagia and Zoophagia. Zoophagia is the idea of ingesting “increasingly sophisticated lifeforms to improve one’s own” (should it start with humans rather than flies then? There is substantial proof that no species can be less sophisticated than we are). The psychopathology itself is based on the belief that there is a hierarchy with lower and higher animals and that humans are at the top of the food chain, the same belief that encourages the enslavement, breeding, torturing and killing of animals on a massive scale. This is similar to the belief in a hierarchy of men’s dominance over women. In the above case, a weak man (as he describes himself) which is devalued by the kyriarchy uses his wealth, privilege and utter sadism to ‘dominate’ women and porn culture enables it, and their government sees absolutely no problem with it. He hasn’t committed any new crimes, after all.


* This was also about women as figurative meat: in a gay club in exotic (to Bruce Labruce, and presumably to readers) Johannesburg, gay guys allegedly attended a strip show of women which involved sex with the women on stage. There was nothing wrong with it (of course!), it was like enjoying a meal, everyone enjoys any kind of sex was his point, he was not joking and even named a real club in JHB, South Africa. His depiction of black people was problematic and so much was wrong with that article which passed as serious opinion-piece.

** Much like non-human meat: animals raised for that ‘purpose’ are seen as commodities, and as valuable mostly in death.

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