What about the rights of carrots?

The question from carnists to vegans about plant sentience is common but not at all reasonable, it is never an argument. But let’s assume for argument’s sake that research one day shows that plants, although completely devoid of a central nervous system, can feel pain too, the alternative to eating at all is suicide. Animals are sentient without a doubt (including fish and anyone with a nervous system), we’ve known this since forever but they are being bred as ‘food’ and for cruel experiments; besides, they are fed plants.

Suppose one want to consider the sentient death toll of harvesting plants (land use, insect death, harm to small animals and waterways): all animals eat plants too, the corpses that carnists chew on did, as do we (carnists included or they’ll get very ill sooner rather than later) – our digestive system has evolved for and requires sustenance in the form of plant food. We can get everything we need from plants and bacteria, there is no synthetic zero-carbon footprint alternative. Does it feel icky/wrong/cruel to kill an animal but not to walk on lawn or pick a fruit off a tree because we’re anthropomorphising and projecting feelings on non-humans? No, but if you have any doubts, it’s yet another reason to stop reproducing and campaign for everyone to do the same.

Let out your inner carnivore, use your canines.
Let out your inner carnivore, use your canines.

I will never look at this picture in the same way again (after my last post, it brings back a similar drawing in the video). Off-topic: dear readers, please let me know if text-conversion fails to capture the description which I always insert, not only the caption.


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