Eggs… and Ellen

What I find often absent from discussions is the little known fact that laying depletes the hens of calcium and shortens their lifespan, and that if they hadn’t been de-beaked they would crack open their infertile egg themselves to eat it. The easiest or best method of feeding them calcium is to feed their own eggs to them (Peaceful prairie video starts with that in action.) If one has other carnivorous animals to feed who benefit from animal protein (unlike humans) and you decide that is more cost-effective then that’s not a selfish choice but it’s still detrimental to the hen.

Laying hens’ wild cousins lay about 20 eggs a year in the spring, then their bodies get a rest. Nearly all layer hens today have been bred, over many years, to lay up to ten times or more eggs than they would in nature. This takes a toll on their bodies, and increases the risk of reproductive cancers.

We have no innate craving for eggs. We don’t salivate when we see a clutch of robin’s eggs. Within a couple of generations of not eating eggs, we will probably look at chickens’ eggs the same way we look at robins’ eggs – not as something to consume, but as vehicles for new lives, new families.~ Gary Loewenthal

I have provided the source of the quote, from a commenter on a detailed article on hens and the issue. Does Ellen need to explain herself? I can’t find the video anymore, all links of the clip are dead. In short, Ellen Pompeo was on Ellen speaking about her chickens and her coop. Ellen Degeneres revealed that she gets eggs from her neighbours because the chickens are happy, but more importantly she said she wants her own coop one day, to get eggs. Vegans have discussed this proposing various scenarios to condone her but why did no one stress on the fact that it’s even more important for her to justify her desire to get a coop for her desire of eggs? I’ve only seen her website (which has a Go Vegan with Ellen feature) and a couple of episodes of her show ever, the local channel here shows her sitcom instead which I imagine is ancient. I learned during this debate that she is a spokesperson for Covergirl, which perform cruel un-necessary cosmetic tests on animals.

Ellen lost my ‘likes’ (the facebook ones), and I guess this is mostly for her followers, random blog visitors, and anyone who believes there are happy eggs. Like I said elsewhere, if the situation were that Ellen lived on welfare, could not make ends meet and her neighbours, a charity programme or a soup kitchen gave her eggs, or she had to buy eggs over a more expensive alternative (in Scandinavia etc., I imagine eggs may be cheaper than grains because of state subsidy, although grains last way longer; someone may not have cheap veggies as option so could not boycott the state and big stores, to survive) then it would not be contradictory that she calls herself vegan as she’d be trying her best not to aid animal exploitation but her circumstances would dictate to what extent she can avoid harm.

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