Hurray for gender-neutral toys?

The article depicts unbiased permission applied to old toys and there is quite a bit wrong with the idea.

Top-toy being a big company, I assume capitalism is the motive and it’s hard to see this as their attempt to encourage the gender-neutral culture in Sweden, their ad seems binary. They are institutionalising the idea that some kids prefer the conventionally-other kind of toy, which their parents would buy them anyway if they want it. I was glad to learn than Quebec and Sweden don’t have advertising directed at kids under the age of 13 and 12 respectively, I guess excluding toy magazines then. I heard of it here:

How do we still have useless games designed for girls in this day and age? Designing clothes is not in the ‘useless’ category and remember that many girl children around the world are actually doing chores, it’s not play it’s work! Why is playing house still considered playing? It is merely how we have been dulling the minds of little girls for centuries, training them to enjoy the idea of domestic chores and inculcating the idea of child-rearing in their little brains so that they would later imagine a biological clock and a mothering instinct. If you understand French, there’s a good documentary where adults shared their views on the latter.

Boy toys v/s girl toys
Boy toys v/s girl toys

Personally I was bored out of my mind with ‘girl-appropriate’ toys and wish there had been better books available to me. Wish I’d been given more books, art supplies, LEGO and models. These aren’t gendered imv and well, I can blame my past inadequacy in my Architecture Studies on my parents, and everyone who has ever given me a boring present (as well as our educational system that focused only on exams then A-levels). There are too many things wrong with child-rearing and society at large, folks should seriously stop buying gendered toys and above all, stop buying stuff that are made by other kids or people in a sweatshop.


One may also want to consider freezing gametes (or preferably stop producing them altogether) until one:
1. can think (and has looked over adoption and foster figures too)
2. everyone else can think, i.e. until cultures change a whole lot.

Without downplaying the serious and sickening abuse that is child slavery and child labour, do you ever think that misopedia is widespread, and so entrenched in our cultures that we don’t discuss it and we don’t commonly know the term for it – I just learned it myself while correcting a blogger.

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