269 tattoo campaigner says humans don’t need rights

I got invited to an event by a friend on Facebook, and cringed at the term ‘disable’ used as follows:

We are not interested in popularist Kony-style campaigns – this event is about committing yourself for life to actions that disable the animal holocaust.

It was a worldwide tattoo event “in solidarity” with an activist who got branded with hot iron. I tried wading through the long description (which began with biblical quotes) and didn’t see a link 5 long paragraphs down to the 269life site. I thought I’d click on one of seemingly many FB friends’ profiles at some less busy point in my life to learn more. I found nothing at all browsing a few ‘269’ profile photos for captions or comments. The intent to find more info about the event or the movement before I get into any potential debate over ableist language is not because the background is relevant, all vegans are more or less familiar with speciesist language, but because people tend to detract from criticism instead of taking it constructively.

There are many suitable and inoffensive words one could use such as ‘end’ or ‘dismantle’ the animal holocaust, it is all the more strange to use ‘disable’ as holocaust automatically makes one think of the 200,000-250,000 disabled victims of the Holocaust. The movement is trying to get people to make the link between the Holocaust and the massacre of animals on a larger scale. Many Jews prefer the term Shoah because ‘holocaust’ comes from the Greek word holókauston – an animal sacrifice offered to a god in which the whole animal (olos) is completely burnt (kaustos). The term was, in English, for massacres where many lives are lost. Whether or not the 269 campaign wishes to oppress the disabled, disability also affects non-humans. In the industrial complex of their massacre, they’re probably the first to be killed, to forego the expense of dealing with an injured animal whose life has no value, whether farm animal or race horse, or pet. To ‘disable’ in the animal exploiting industry very much means to ‘end’ or to’destroy’. Our speciesist culture constructed our language – so why refuse to change it?

Not a likely sight. In industries, the pig would be dead as soon as it finds itself diseased or unable to stand in a crate or on a farm. Image source: Barbara McClure.

It’s a very simple procedure to edit Facebook events, I gave them options on their event page (which has been deleted). Vegans surely want animal exploitation to end not ‘be redefined’. As anyone, I’m making assumptions on what they ideally mean. Here are synonyms from freedictionary.com which has a longer list but these sum it up:

alter, change, modify – cause to change; make different…
lay up – disable or confine, as with an illness…
nobble – disable by drugging; “nobble the race horses”
pinion – cut the wings off (of birds)

restrain, confine , […]

I used the interwebs which is ‘free’ and straight-forward, I don’t have another dictionary and even 2nd language English speakers, like me, often use the online dictionaries out of convenience. I left two of the above decriptions’ full versions so you’d see how it’s also clearly speciesist to use the oppressive term, in case they wish to pinion or nobble the animal massacre. Likewise, it is ableist to mean ‘destroy the capacities’ or whatever they mean because ableism is ignored by most, and ableism hurts.

I’m the only one I’m seeing thus far criticising ableist language that I’ve come across in the last week, maybe it’s to do with the percentage of disabled people and allies in the movement. Maybe you put them off with all your ableist language and inability to listen to other perspectives when criticised, Movement. If we want to afford animals the same respect we afford humans, how can we refuse to respect humans and perpetuate oppression?

On the campaign itself: Firstly I would never go google/YT something about someone’s tattoo. Even if a tattoo cost near to nothing, to donate to/wards a calf sanctuary or if the intent is to promote the 269 movement’s words, to collectively buy stickers/buttons from their webshop (scratch that idea and please read comments for the latest – they are proudly and deliberately misanthropist) could’ve been an option.


Update after trying to bring up word-usage with the organiser/s and getting insulted today, 10 days later, I realised that the event isn’t over, it’s rolling on to December then to January. Instead of discussing this or dismissing what I’m saying respectfully (NB no one replied to my older post or edited the event description in 10 days), Sasha-Vegan Cannibal (AKA Sasha Boojor) first had a laugh and engaged only with a Skye Hollywood in the thread, mostly speaking about me in 3rd person:

“rolling on the floor atm … this is too much!!! fucking animals are been raped and butchered alive and shes complaining about some shit like that!!! just get lost pls
i dare her to go on a human anti rape event and post some stupid shit like that! i dare her! the nerve on her! unreal!”

I wouldn’t ever think that ‘fucking’ is a suitable adjectives for tortured animals, unless the person saying it has Tourette’s maybe… He then finally addressed me (I don’t know about what exactly):

“nope none for self involved speciesist scum such as your self […] saw old on the brink of death mothers which can hardly stand or even hold thyre heads up to look at me as i was passing by… so ye i could give 2 shits about this stupid shit you preaching”

His only responses (now deleted but you’ll find plenty of similar examples on their page at every hint of critical thinking) of ridicule followed by violent (verbal) opposition is something all vegans are familiar with in 2012, we’ve all watched Earthlings or have at least heard of Schopenhauer’s 3 stages of truth-processing and most vegan advocates have experienced this first-hand on trying to confront someone on their speciesist lifestyle or simply when being confronted, ridiculed or attacked because someone feels threatened by one’s mere vegan existence.

To someone on their event asking questions because she was in two minds and had restrictions about wearing visible ink at her job, Ashley Vegan-YogaGeek added something about avoiding overthinking: ‘Don’t think, just do.’ (which is probably the full Nike slogan too!), so I have to wonder, what is this, a cult?

Answer: Very possibly! I doubt most even read this (although linked in the very same thread of our discussion) because Ashley just said to Sasha “pls End this convo. It’s bringing bad energy […] Enough low frequency chat, let’s raise the earths vibration right now.”

Sadly, events like 269life’s are at the forefront of the ‘movement’.

9 thoughts on “269 tattoo campaigner says humans don’t need rights

  1. Something I want to make a new blog post about but still lacking time is that (NB the 269 tattoo campaigner and co. don’t care about some people I was told by him): if we want to afford animals the same respect we afford humans, is it not a joke to only wish to mean the ‘respect we give to rich heterosexist white able-bodied men’ or whatever it is they mean?

    That we are far from having equal rights and equal respect in human society does a great dis-service to animal advocacy and if advocates keep saying they can’t be bothered about equality between humans and what oppressed groups have to say, because animals suffer more, I think it does a dis-service to animals too, to animal rights more specifically.

    They are helping individual animals, or a few but harming non-human animals as a whole with their attitude.

  2. This has updates and crucial things I overlooked http://theveganpolice.com/main/?p=1712

    Alternately you can read it on http://veganismisthefuture.com/269veganpoliceopinion/ I had linked a different interview from Thinking Vegan than the one therein where they said:

    “The other part of the speciesist activists in our movement are the activists who also take part in human rights actions. This is a problematic and very crucial issue that I don’t want to get into too much because it is another whole interview, but I have to mention it. It’s unacceptable for anyone who consider themselves a non-speciesist vegan person to promote human rights. Can anyone imagine a partisan who fights at noon to liberate Jews from concentration camps held by Nazis, and at night to make conditions for the Nazis better? It’s a contradiction. We, as people who are committed to justice, cannot ignore that contradiction. We need to understand that theoretically, animals deserve rights just as humans deserve rights. Theoretically we are all equal in the moral status, but in reality, human rights come at the expense of animal rights. It’s a fact. As the socio-economic situation of people improves, more animals are abused and murdered. As more countries become free and developed, the more we’ll see industrialized animal agriculture. […] Helping humans won’t make them be more compassionate for animals, so let’s save the time and help directly to animals, that way we cannot lose. If this logic was true, all the rich people would be vegans, as they have very good socio-economic status” ~ 269life.

  3. I really like this kvarm. I wrote a similar piece about 269 that could be an extension to your article. In my piece that I wrote on my blog talks about if the 269 campaign could be a cult or not and gives some reasons of why it could be. I quote Sasha many times, like you have here and some other close followers of the campaign. I will link to this piece here…I think it might interest you. http://veganismisthefuture.com/269gothypocrisy/

    That link will also tell you why you have not received an apology yet…and never will. Sasha is very vicious, vile and cruel. He loves to talk his opinions even if it makes other look bad. Vegans are disposable in his movement. Sasha makes the rules and breaks the rules. If any opinion contradicts with his you will get it…which I also talk about in the piece up there. Anyways I won’t get to much into the spoilers but I was wondering if I can take what you wrote here and re-post it on my blog? I give credit and everything, I just like to share postings about the dark side of 269 since most people don’t know about it or care about it.

    I think for every tattoo someone got they should of donated 50 bucks to an animal sanctuary. Just think about how much money those sanctuary’s could of raised this Christmas? Of course I am not the leader so even proposing to do so….maybe he would laugh at me like he did you. Sorry you went through this. I have been in the same spot at this piece tells it.

  4. You may re-post and link to here with the greatest pleasure, thank-you. I’m under no illusion about Boojor / SashaVegan Cannibal, people like him need to not be allowed by vegans to corrupt the movement. I wish I had time to make a new entry on this and not only comments with the new info. I agree with you, I made a suggestions separately (there’s too many issues with their campaign and I was trying to be really nice so I partitioned the criticism.

    I made another one on https://www.facebook.com/ovnivores/posts/383212091755145 on how they contradicted things they had said and how I don’t see in what way their campaign on our shores was helping animals, by giving a real-life example. We don’t even have sanctuaries for calves or cows, people could’ve set up a fund towards one if they wanted to show solidarity. I’m not sure how marking their skin has helped any cow or animal anywhere ever and it’s clear that 269life is harming the vegan movement.

    Do we even need to say to folks that it is better to admit one made a mistake at this point than stick with them (even if one got tattooed)? Thanks for your link, too.

    • I am not sure. I know if that money was put towards supporting the MFA(which they wouldn’t they are the enemy) or the Kindness Trust(they wouldn’t they are the enemy) or any other organization that money could of gone towards making a real difference in an animals life. I heard a quote somewhere saying one act of kindness is greater then 100 heads bowed in prayer. So getting a tattoo hoping the animal Holocaust goes away vs someone buying food for a hungry soul on Canadas cold streets, or giving them a jacket or donating a bunch of blankets that will keep dogs warm in shelters tonight.

      I will re-post this very soon. You can re-post anything from my blog. Most of the stuff isn’t written by me except that 269 link I gave you in the previous comment. I supply links to the original source down below the article usually.

      I agree that Sasha is being very damaging to the vegan movement. Many vegans can’t even put up with his cruel words so how do you think people outside the vegan world will take it? His motive isn’t to convert people to veganism, to encourage people to demo, leaflet, donate, spread the message, share pictures, videos, eat healthy or anything like that. The only thing he claims will work to help animals is supporting artificial meat made in labs and convincing people not to reproduce. I believe anyways. I hope to find more articles like yours. I have just a few, but hopefully they become more general as Sasha becomes more cruel.

      Thank you for your reply! Keep updated for the re-posting of your article 🙂

      • If I can’t have an animal sanctuary but I can share vegan food with people, I ought to help as I can. We do what we can and I think vegans ought to be the best people we can be morally, even if it is disadvantageous to us at times, we owe it to animals. I’ll read that as an act of kindness is better than 100 nothings/psychological exercises. If the latter helps one go out and be kind then sure, and I understand the need for self-whatever but some acts are extremely futile. To want an badly thought-out and offensive campaign to gain worldwide popularity then insult people after wasting their time because one is corrupting a movement, is futile. sigh.

        He’s taking from the vegan movement and adopting it with his brand of cruelty or insensitivity on top. I republished only one article (because it was only on web archives), it’s one from 1998 on human reproduction. Vegans have been questioning the speciesism inherent in human reproduction (and domesticated animals) since Abul ʿAla Al-Maʿarri, the first recorded ethical vegan, a blind poet in Syria before 1058 AD. There’s still not much discussion of it, it’s hard to discuss controversial issues in veganism, though controversy does not mean from a misanthropic standpoint at all, as you can read in ‘Should Vegans Procreate’ from The Vegan in 1998. I hope Boojor loses popularity before he succeeds in confusing anti-speciesism or morality with misanthropy for everyone, non-vegans or not, by the looks of things.

        Thanks again for my first Pingback 🙂

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