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Belated Pongal, Lohri, and makar Sankranthi wishes! Belated happy 2017 as well/ to the rest of you.

A rangoli for sankranthi

Makar Sankranthi marks the transition of the sun into the zodiacal sign of Makara (Capricorn).

A kolam or rangoli is traditionally and regularly made as food for the ants, and it is a means of keeping ants away from the house, it is said. ‘Pongal’ means overflow… it is understood as nature giving back when you give to nature. We’re debatably part of nature but we mostly exploit it.

Except for sankranthi, if raita and ghee was ommitted, the festivals also involve cooking with milk. Pongalwise, this is how they represent the ‘overflow’ and chant when the milk overflows. Now what we remain unaware of is: “on the third day of Pongal, people abstain from consuming any milk or milk products to show their respect in appreciation of how much help cattle are to them through the process of farming.” why not do it daily? and originally “The festival was celebrated as Thai Niradal. During the period, unmarried girls prayed for agricultural prosperity of the country and for the purpose, they observed penance during the Tamil month of Margazhi, corresponding (December-January). All through the month, they abstained themselves from the consumption of milk and milk products. etc. etc.” more at…

Why only observe this as penance and not the moral thing to do? Is it respect if it is conditional and self-serving? But ok this was near the Sangam era, whereas it is 2017 and in the diaspora we are no longer aware of the dairy abstention day. I told a few of my relatives about it and I can see clueless as usual Hindu Tamil vegans.

Furthermore it is the height of summer and people of that grouping will consume dairy more than usual in the name of fasting, while cows are left dying of thirst (actually dying, ok) and it is not the first summer these crimes (on top of habitual crimes) happen. Some never learn, evolve or change. Or revolve. Nothing corresponds to the harvest festival here, neither the season nor the customs in households. At least the dairy abstention would have been a good step.

However when one can’t respect cows, there is always the option of publishing some BS to claim they do respect them

While animals die of extreme cold elsewhere

CW: dead animals (murdered by water supply shortages and animal exploitation), anti-blackness.
It’s only mid summer here, the heat and humidity just kicked in. And here is what the media is doing or fueling besides the sad fact that these animals died and attention need to be brought to the lack of public services.

The animal exploiter seems Black, he does not have a water reservoir where he rears animals and water supply is being restricted, as yearly. Then trucks are supposed to bring water to those in need because no water is coming out of taps. They did not, he could not afford to bring the animals enough water from his home elsewhere. They died of thirst. Now commenters are sounding anti-Black singling out the responsibility of the exploiter. And this whole thing may fuel tacit or overt anti-Blackness.

The question, instead of being simplistic, is why the water was not delivered until after the death of the animals? If he gets compensated, is it a small price to pay to help fuel anti-Blackness in the country?

Animal exploitation (though this is a low-risk industry by design with all the subsidies) thus fuels anti-blackness, with the help of the media.

And I will add, for the sake of simplistic thinkers who may pin this on politics, a long overdue critique of PMSD leader X. L. Duval. XLD has been criticised on some obvious PMSD nepotism for the Festival International Kreol.

But here is what no one dared say, to my knowledge: He went on a ramble about having read a book on a French slaveholder we all know (that he and others respect), he mentioned it to 1. bring up that a slave’s name was Duval and claim Black ancestry through that odd ‘find’ and 2. to emphasize good treatment of the slave by the slaveowner when the former was injured. He pointed out something along the lines of, don’t be surprised and in Africa it was often Black Africans who sold others as slaves. This was all a big part of his opening speech of a Black Islander Festival. And it’s all good because anti-Blackness is all fine and dandy here.

Something wrong with Dangal?

I haven’t had free time (as usual), I haven’t been able to carve out any time to blog. I have been sharing things mostly on the facebook page, as posts and issues come up. I don’t recall having explained the change of name/term here. I have yet to change username and description over here that I’m decidedly moving away from the letter v/ the word ‘vegan’ in favour of ‘Al-ma’arrist’ – which I coined many months back. Why is he the only philosopher with no ists or ites. I thought to myself someone please call me out if need be, but the page is getting many MENA/SWANA likes. I guess no harm honouring Al-ma’arri.

A Syrian stamp of Al-Ma'arri

A Syrian stamp of Al-Ma’arri

Syrian blind poet Aboululaa El-Maʿarri (in French) was the first recorded vegan – strict vegan and advocate for animal rights, and for social justice.

Reason forbade me many things which,
Instinctively, my nature was attracted to;
And a perpetual loss I feel if, knowing,
I believe a falsehood or deny the truth. — Al-Maʿarri

Maybe veganism is also what Aleppo gave to the world, who knows. 2-4 centuries later, the Cathars did not eat meat, dairy and honey but they ate fish. This made nutritional sense if one doesn’t have seaweed or if one doesn’t know seaweed have all we need for a balanced mind. Kind of odd to have access to fish but not seaweed before ice became man-made (now, not so odd because of the fishing industry). Basically, Cathar Parfait and Parfaites didn’t eat whoever and whatever resulted from sex, and they thought fish was amoeba. I expect modern-day Cathars to know better.

2-4 centuries from now, the so-called vegan movement may have regressed. There are so many reasons for me to quit using ‘vegan’, what comes up with the word ‘vegan’ (besides the misunderstanding and hate (righteous hate towards white veganism), then again it is not misunderstanding, there is a major problem with most of those representing the “movement”), racism is a given in South Africa where there is a white majority… and in Mauritius where some claim not to be racist bc they’re Asian; fatshaming and ableism as well as sexism etc. are a given. Exchange between the two or some intersectional groups popping up are only creating more ally theater. More on that another time.

Let’s go to a POC country, and look at a vegan POC critique of a recent POC film, Dangal (no real spoilers).

Brought to you by Disney. A Dangal poster. Mahavir Singh and his daughters. [From it, I can’t translate anything but Bapu, like everyone else.]

I haven’t watched it. 20 years ago perhaps I would have agreed with her. I don’t know details of his family. I don’t know if ‘affordable protein’ could include Ragi, moringa, etc. I guess it makes the story accessible to the majority – I’ve known Indian vegetarians who have eaten meat for sports, or in hostels. It’s extremely common. The critiqued line is something worth scoffing at. There is no moral difference between vegetarians and pollotarians (chicken-eaters, it seems that is all they eat), none. The vegetarianism is usually about caste and purity. In my case, my dad is allergic to meat and fish, this means we ate massive amounts of dairy and this is bad, especially for female humans.

I leaned that the hard way, ok. This critique is also useless bc Khan has his show, the latest BJP scandal airtime, and many platforms to say that he is vegan yada yada. It doesn’t matter if veganism is neither accessible nor desirable for the peoples. For vegetarians, Ishita Raman Bhalla (veggie character in a the 2nd most popular series in this country, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein) is extremely popular and has always aced sports without having practised before or trained much. Every once in a while, she yells at a doorman or security guard, who remains calm and subservient. There are Indians (Adi) whose practices are much like African Americans, in that their tradition is centered around the waste of the meat industry in India. Similar dynamics has produced this in a POC country and I’m not talking about Siddhis – Afro-Indians. We should thus not claim the moral high ground, just like we don’t with indigenous peoples (Adivasi, in India)

After all this digression, here is the critique that we should all be making or boosting about Dangal: this Hindustan Times article by Dhrubo Jyoti.

No words…

except I am worried for Chagossians and my marginalised and disabled friends on Turtle Island. I am sorry white supremacy won. And of course it did, it’s still winning even in places I see disappointed, pro-Democrat (or whatever they’d be) whites complaining.

Some good reads

Get Your People

but they will fail to ally. It has started already, in the disabled community no less.

I posted a bit more on facebook during the electoral campaign.

What I did say here I guess was that the American Hindu Foundation and the like were supporting the election of Donald Trump, I’ve said that a lot in the past months. In fact it’s not only the conservatives and the ageing generation. Simplistic identity politics doesn’t work when it comes to South Asians. Some count as white, and it’s not about their skin colour, do your homework, I’ve made it easy.

Will Haiti Ever Recover from White Supremacy?


Nearly seven years ago after an unprecedented earthquake devastated Haiti, famed evangelical Christian Pat Robertson believed it was God’s retribution. Referring to the Haitian Revolution, a 13-year-long war in which Haitians successfully fought the French for their independence, Robison declared the Haitians “got together and swore a pact to the devil,” promising to serve Satan if he would free them from the French. He continued, “You know, the Haitians revolted and got themselves free. But ever since, they have been cursed by one thing after the other.”

I guess the historic quake which claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and wreaked havoc on the already impoverished nation wasn’t enough for God, though, because this week Hurricane Matthew unleashed its 145-mile-per-hour winds and torrential rains on Haiti, “the poorest” country in the Western hemisphere. Since Monday, most of the 11 million residents have been without running water and power. Thousands of homes were leveled and preliminary numbers…

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The frustration of reading white pseudo-philosophers

EDIT: I did not hear of the news about the death of the 13-year-old Jain girl when I wrote this. I was on social media tolerating white supremacy and came across the below-mentioned vegan blog.

Sometimes I’m convinced that white vegans (not regular readers I follow too but those who reinforce white supremacy, like in Southern Africa, parts of which are my countries; those who would be in comments draining me further [they already do] if I shared my blog) just throw up anything they rote-learn or once-heard from intersectional vegans to appear pro-intersectional themselves (and other vegans lap it up).

Red flags can range from the word ‘intersectionalism’, to anything really. Take as an example, there are dualities everywhere culturally, and morality is often a reflex not a thought-out argument. Most people don’t even have cars or drive trains but yes most people don’t help animals in need or choose not to eat them, or even if they do, they don’t care if a litter [what’s the word for a pack of kittens again?] live or die. It is also true that many humans treat other animals less worse than they treat disabled humans. Simply, it seems easier to walk a dog or feed a cat, or to not eat animals or their food/ovulatings, than create access. I understand Black disabled friends’ anger over this, I do not have anger but

I do find it crap to have white vegans contrast disabled people to non-human animals, although ways in which we are disabled are as varied as there are species.

Critisizing Glover is not an endorsement of Metz’s argument here.

1. White vegans [or insert non-disabled group] would use a disabled concept, transfer it to any situation just coz. When the context they use it in has underlying disability justice issues, they cannot even imagine it does.

2. White vegans like to speak of Jains like they’re experts in Jainism or Jain themselves. There is a prohibition against disabled Jains from becoming monks [monks are allowed to live from charity, I’m not sure if the 2 are related] though a Digambara monk can wear glasses (you wouldn’t know what I’m talking about, a monk was speaking at congress naked [they’re not allowed clothes in that branch], but wearing glasses of course).

I’m not Jain but I’m myopic, so it’s chilled. And in case you don’t know, Jains have nonetheless been part of my culture for 1000s of years, and wrote my epics.

Either way, this illustrates what happens when one treats intersectionality like Kleenex. No reference here to what Kimberley Crenshaw said about intersectionality and kleenex though tbh white vegans may have misunderstood her, if they even know she spoke of that.


the above-mentioned Digambara monk